Road Trip West Coast Part II


At first I am sorry that I haven’t posted anything for a while now. It’s been nearly two months since I flew back to Germany and school has been and is still very busy. I had a few exams but now I have more time to write some blogposts.

As I wrote in my last post we went on a road trip at the West Coast of Ireland. Here is the second part of our tour:

After we spent the day in Galway we stayed another night in Ballyvaughan. The next morning we drove up to Connemara National Park. There we went to the Kylemore Abbey. In former times it was a mansion and since 1920 it is an abbey of the Benedictine Order. From 1923 to 2010 it was used as a boarding school. Today it is a popular sight. It is located at a lake with a beautiful view.

It is a very nice building but I was a bit disappointed because you can only see a few rooms from the abbey and just two of them had furniture. After we had seen the abbey we went to the gardens of Kylemore Abbey by a shuttle bus.

The garden is big and a nice place with many different kinds of flowers, herbs and other plants.

We took a short break in the café next to the garden and had some nice cake while we were waiting for the bus back.

We stayed in the small town Clifden. On the way we drove the sky road which is also a part of the Wild Atlantic Way. You have a good view over the sea but it was not my favourite part of the tour-

The next morning we got up early and made our way to Dublin where we spend our last two days and also my last days of exchange before we flew back to Germany.

We left Clifden after breakfast. Less than two hours we were in Dublin. We met my friend Kathi there and spent the day with her showing my parents and my sister some sights of Dublin.

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At first we wanted to go to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells but there was such a long queue that we decided to come back on saturday. Then we wanted to visit the Guiness Store House but we forgot that it was Good Friday and every place where you can get alcohol is closed. So we went to the Kilminham Goal, an old prison at the edge of Dublin. When we arrived there a man told us that all tours are booked out. We stayed the day in the city center and at the we did some shopping.

In the evening we drove to the hotel which was near the airport. The next morning we took the bus back to Dublin and spent the last day again with Kathi. We booked a fast ticket for the Book of Kells which was a good idea because the queue was long again. Then we just walked around and went St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Center were we had a nice smoothie from Chopped.

And then the time was there. The time to say goodbye to a wonderful country and its nice people. And a life that I have built up in seven months.

Back at the airport I couldn’t believe that everything is over just with one step in a plain back to Germany. Even in the plain and nearly two months back in Germany it still seems unreal that everything is over.

There is one quote I want to add at this point:

“It’s not a trip or vacation, it’s a second life!”

I think this quote is so true because it is a second life. I made friends which I miss a lot, I started new hobbies went to school and after some time passed everything became normal. And during all the time Ireland became my second home and so it was even harder to leave this place that you have learnt to love because I know I will never get my life there back. I will definitely visit Ireland more than one time but it will never be the same.

That was my journey and adventure in Ireland. Back in Germany I had some exhausting weeks in school.

I also wanted to thank every single person who was a part of my exchange and made it as amazing as it was. I had such a great time and enjoyed these seven months so much.

Although my exchange is over I still will continue this blog.

Thank you and see you


“ I cannot say goodbye to those whom I have grown to love, for the memories we have made will last a lifetime and will never know a goodbye.”


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