Last Hockey Matches

Last week and yesterday I had my last hockey matches with my irish team.

Even if we lost all of them I still had fun and enjoyed it.

Last tuesday the match was in school. The match was actually a Senior B match but I was the only Senior one. We didn’t play that well and the other team was really strong, so we lost that game 0:6.

The next match, last friday, was in Bandon against our coaches old school. We were just ten out of eleven players and again a Junior team again. The other team was really good but we still scored one goal which I set up. I was so happy about that. We lost that game with the score 1:4. That was the best match during my time in Ireland. We played very well and I had so much fun.

The match yesterday was not that good but really funny. We had just seven players so we got four from the other team. During the match we found out that the most of the girls were 6th years and the other fifth years. I was the only one who is in 4th year of our team, all other girls were in 3rd year. The first half we played badly but the second half was better and I nearly scored a goal. We had a few chances but lost the ball all times. In the end we lost the game 0:4.

I had a great time with my team and will miss them so much. I really hope that these matches aren’t my last ones. I probably will continue in Germany but it won’t be the same.

I hope I can return one day and train with these girls again.

See you.



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